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Great Options of Golds Weight Bench

Golds weight bench has become one of the most well known fitness utensils on the market. It is always innovative in designs that fulfill the needs of the users for maximum as well as enjoyable training. Having exercise time at home always demands you to choose the right gym utensils that can suit your space.

The compact design will ease you to place the weight bench in any corner of the fitness room. Yet it doesn’t matter to choose the bulky one if you have much larger space. Some great choices of golds weight bench below may make you considering the best model.       

The Gold’s Gym Standard Size

This model of gym weight bench is a standard model in a compact design. It will be the best option if the fitness room of yours is not too spacious. Yet, you also can enjoy quite complete kinds of workout with this model of gym weight bench.

The bench’s design enables you to have exercises with five and six foot bars. The compact size will also satisfy you about the lower price. You can have this standard size gym weight bench in about $77 of expense.

The Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Olympic Bench    

With this model of golds weight bench, you can have more enjoyable workouts at home in any intensity you want. The Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Olympic Bench is designed in great flexibility and reliable engineering. It means that you can do various workout styles  without any worry of getting injures or the broken parts of the bench.

This weight bench comes with utility bench as well as high quality uprights that can hold the Olympic standard of bars. Just use the utility bench for decline, incline, or flat positions and hold the Olympic bars to train your arms.

The equipments built with the Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Olympic Bench are weight lifting bench, 6 rolls of leg developer, preacher pad and also the squat station. Having this weight bench in your gym room will enable you to have one set of muscle training anytime you want. The design is also made to hold hamstrings, squad, and hip flexors that you can buy separately.  

The Gold’s Gym XR 10.1 Olympic Weight Bench

It is another model of golds weight bench that can be chosen for strong muscles and joints training. The Gold’s Gym XR10.1 Olympic weight bench can become great choice for those who have professional exercises.

Featured by uprights in Olympic standard width, it can hold six and seven foot bars. Besides, the weight bench is also designed in Olympic standard; it is adjustable to be incline, decline, and also flat positions so that you can enjoy the flexibility for max result of exercises.

The flexibility is also given to the weight crutch design that can be altered to various positions of exercise. The gym weight bench is also designed for built hip flexeos, hamstrings, squad, and glutes on the six roll leg developer feature. This gold’s gym weight bench can be purchased in $117 of price on many reliable online stores. 

The Gold’s Gym GGBE1968 XRS Slant Bench  

This gold’s weight bench comes with special feature of a couple of adjustable arms that can be preset to be four different positions to complete your workout needs. The slant bench is also multi position to ease you having different challenges of exercise. Besides, this Gold’s Gym GGBE1968 XRS can accommodate up to 350lbs of weight capacity.

You will be happy to find this product if you have small space to store your gym utensils. It is a collapsible weight bench so that you can simply fold it and store in any corner of your home. You can buy it online in $124 of price in a certain online store or just look for special discount in another store to spend lower.

The Gold’s Gym Platinum Home Gym 

This type of gold’s weight bench can become a great option for those who need professional workouts at home. It is specially designed for fitness lovers to build stronger and leaner muscles in the whole body. The features that come with multi positions weight bench that can be used for the decline, incline, and flat exercise positions. It also featured by high and low pulleys that can fulfill your need of flexible hard target.

The result of biceps and forearms exercises can be gotten faster with the features of rolled preacher pads of the Gold’s gym weight bench. It also comes with the six roll leg developer for maximal exercises of hamstrings, hip flexors, squads, and also glutes. This model of gold’s gym weight bench can be purchased in about $700 of price in an online store. Otherwise, it can be lower if you want to find more choices of online store and compare.

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